How do I use an Amazon voucher to purchase books on my kindle

If you have an Amazon gift voucher you can use it to my kindle books, here is how. Please note that Amazon calls its vouchers "Gift Certficiates" in the folowing instructions.

You can use an Amazon Gift Certificate to purchase Kindle devices, books and accessories. Any available balance will be used for your Kindle Store purchase before your preferred payment method is charged. Your Gift Certificate balance cannot be used to pay for subscription content from the Kindle Store.

Updating 1-Click Settings for Gift Certificate Purchases

You are not required to have a payment method on your account to make digital purchases such as Kindle books, but you must set up a default 1-Click billing address on your account to use Gift Certificates for digital purchases. If you do not already have a 1-Click billing address on your account, follow the instructions below to add an address without entering a method to your account.

To add a 1-Click Billing Address for Gift Certificate purchases:

Visit the Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings page in Your Account.

  • Click the Enter a new address button.
  • Enter the address information and click the Continue button.
  • Set the address as your default by clicking the link on the address labelled "Click here to make this your 1-Click default address." You may be prompted to associate a payment method with the address, but entering one is not required.

Redeeming Gift Certificates

You must first redeem a Gift Certificate to Your Account. The funds will then be applied automatically to your next Kindle book purchase on your Kindle or from the Kindle Store on

To redeem a Gift Certificate to Your Account:

  • Visit the Your Account page.
  • Click "Apply a Gift Certificate to your account."
  • Sign in with your e-mail address and password.
  • Enter your claim code and click "Redeem now". Your funds will automatically be applied to your next order.